What is Rotary?

West Plains Rotary is part of Rotary International with more than 1.2 million members throughout the world. Membership is by invitation. Rotary was founded in 1905 as a service and civic organization that represents the local leadership of each business or profession in the community.
What happens at a Rotary meeting?

Members arrive at 12:00 p.m. and go through the lunch buffet. A Rotarian leads the prayer and pledge of allegiance, and then guests and visiting Rotarians are introduced and welcomed by the club. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, club anniversaries and announcements are shared. The program leader introduces the invited speaker who gives a 20-minute talk that may be of general or special interest. The meeting adjourns promptly by 1:00 p.m.

What if I can’t make a lunch meeting?

Members are expected to attend 60% of club meeting s to minimally maintain active membership. Members are given credit for attendance by attending another Rotary Club meeting within two weeks of a missed meeting.

What if I can’t make meetings for an extended period?

Leaves of absence are approved at the monthly Board of Directors meetings. You must submit your request, in writing, to the club administrator and provide the requested dates and the reason. You should do so far enough in advance to allow for the timing of the board meetings which occur on the last Friday of each month.

How much does Rotary cost?

Your Rotary obligation is made up of local and international club dues, lunches, and charitable donations. Quarterly local dues consist of $25 and $117 for meals. Twice annually there is a $36.50 Rotary International club due. The annual total is $641 per year. Credit is given for meals when a member visits another club for make-up. 

How Rotary serves:

There are four avenues of service that form the framework for all club activities; Club service, Vocational service, Community service, and International service. Each member serves on a committee to plan/carry-out projects or activities.

West Plains Rotarians have give financially to support

What is the difference between West Plains Rotary Club and West Plains Rotary Charitable Fund and the Rotary Foundation?

The West Plains Rotary Club is a business association that uses contributions from members to organize activities for the membership such as the weekly lunch meetings. Contributions to the West Plains Rotary Club may be tax deductible as business expenses but not as charitable contributions. The West Plains Rotary Club Charitable Fund has been granted federal tax exempt status as a 501(c)(4) organization. Contributions to the West Plains Rotary Club Charitable Fund are tax deductible as charitable contributions. The joint leadership of the Charitable Fund and the Club structures activities so that fund raising and charitable activities are done by the Charitable Fund and non-charitable activities are done by the Club.

The Rotary Foundation is the not-for-profit entity that supports the efforts of Rotary International. Your contributions to Polio Plus and Paul Harris fellowships go directly to Rotary Foundation.

Who makes a good Rotarian?

A man or woman of high ethical standards, exemplary in a business or profession; with a willingness to share their time, talent and resources in a spirit of fellowship and service. 

How do I propose a new member?

There is a downloadable membership application under the Members link that provides detailed information about membership. This application is completed by the prospective member.

New Member Orientation

New Rotarians are expected to attend an orientation seminar within their first year of membership. Click here for the New Member Orientation Packet.

What are officer job descriptions?

What are our club's strategic plan and goals?

See results from Visioning session

What are the different member types?

PolioPlus Member: $25.00 annual member contribution towards the PolioPlus program

Rotary Foundation Sustaining Members: $100 contribution

Paul Harris Fellows: $1,000 contribution

Benefactors: $1,000 donation upon passing

Paul Harris Society: $3,000 contribution over three years

Bequest Society: $1,000 to $5,000 cash contribution

Major Donors: A $10,000 cash contribution

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